Sex Workers in Wa


Some Sex Workers mostly from Neighboring ECOWAS Countries including Nigeria have been hovering round Kambali in inconsistency after their activities were Disallowed by Residents of the Area.

Three sex workers were spotted at about 12:50 am on 8th August 2023 sitting at a shop awaiting potential Customers.

In July 2023, sex workers at Maxixco Gardens were chased out of their comfort zone for their business tagged as immoral and threatening to upcoming children within the area.

In an Interview with Assembly Member for the Area, Hon. Masahudu Adam Jabagdao, he indicated that the practice of Prostitution in their area engineered by Maxixco Gardens Center is something the community frowns upon and as a Result actions had to be taken to curtail the practice.

“ people have concluded that they do not need them here so I have to go by those wish, they cannot stay here to engage in such an activity..”

In 2021, Several Assembly Members in Wa kicked against sex trade in their electoral areas tagging the act as I’ll faithed and immoral.

A TV3 Documentary Aired few Months Ago Exposed how some sex workers in Wa Nakore Areas, precisely Odo Hotel sold out semens of Male customers for as low as Ghc100 to strangers, a development that created fear and panic amongst some residents within the Region.


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