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Two Students of Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University have sued a phone snatcher by name Hamidu Abdul-Malik, a Carpenter in Wa Circuit Court for Snatching a smart phone belonging to a Complainant by name Banebe Bakuoro James on the 10th of May 2023.

The Court Passed Judgement on 19th of May 2023 and the Suspect was charged 100 penalty Units by the Court, he was charged to replace a broken screen of the complainant for Having in Possession a stolen property contrary to Section 148 and 146 of the Criminal Offenses Act 1960(ACT 29).

BRIEF FACTS: Complainant Banebe Bakuoro James is a level 100 student of Dr Hilla Limann Technical University, Wa and lives in Wa municipality. The accused person Hamidu Abdul-Malik is a carpenter and also stays at Kpongu, Wa whiles suspect Subur is at large.

On 26 April, 2023 about 1130pm, the complainant and Rahmat Abubakari Ali who is his course mate and a witness in this case were walking along the roadside from the above-mentioned school to their various homes after closed from night studies.

On reaching a section of the road in between the school’s main entrance and Dukes filling station, Kpongu, Rahmat Abubakar Ali sensed danger and looked back. She then saw a young guy in a black hoodie chasing them.

She became frightened and pushed the complainant who was pushing his bicycle with his brown bag containing his light blue Tecno Pop 5 mobile phone valued Ghc500.00 and calculator valued GHe80.00 placed in the basket of the bicycle and took to her heels whiles shouting for help.

The complainant also turned back and saw same person pointing a gun at him whiles coming towards him on top speed. He also became frightened and abandoned his bicycle and took to his heels. They were then heard by someone passing by and came to their aid and when the complainant went for his bicycle, he searched through the bag and detected that his mobile phone and calculator were nowhere to be found. Lydia Pelvotey who is also a witness in this case and a course mate of the complainant heard of the incidence and tracked the user of the
complainant’s phone on 29/04/2023 through WhatsApp GB when she had a
notification on their school WhatsApp platform that the complainant has change his contact number to 0246123670 which is the contact number of the accused person. Same day during the evening hours, the complainant informed Police about the incidence and the latest development and they went to Dukes filling station T-junction, Wa together with Maxwell Mwinzumah Sampson where the accused person has initially agreed to meet Lydia Pelvotey after the calls they had.

The accused person was meet at the said filling station in possession of the
complainant’s Tecno Pop 5 mobile phone and’ he was later arrested after several resistance and causing damage to the screen of Maxwell Mwinzumah Sampson’s Samsung Note 20 ultra-valued GHc4000.00. The complainant then inspected his mobile phone and detected that the screen valued GH¢200.00 have been damaged.

The accused person was cautioned accordingly and he denied the
offence but claimed that, he bought the complainant’s phone from suspect Subur who was his school mate. The accused person was then asked to lead Police to the said suspect Subur but he stated that, he does not know where he stays neither does he know any of his relatives but can assist Police to get suspect Subur by
giving out his contact umber which he has save on the complainant phone.

The accused person was then given the phone to retrieve suspect Subur’s contact but he failed and told Police that he did not save the suspect contact and cannot also find it on the phone’s call log. After investigation the accused person was charge with the offences and arraigned before the honorable court, Wa.

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