Suntaa Sporting Club

The Wa Suntaa Sporting Club has ended the season not on their wish destination on the league log season, but with a remarkable performances from all their players. However, one player stood out from the rest – Joseph Louise Sackey.

With his extraordinary skills and agility on the ground, Sackey time and time again proved to be an invaluable asset to the team. His remarkable performances saw him scoring some of the most unforgettable goals of the season, which led to the team’s victories.

From his first game to his last, Sackey’s dedication to the game was phenomenal. Whether it was training or a match, he was always focused, never losing sight of his goals.

In recognition of his outstanding performance and contributions to the team, the Wa Suntaa Sporting Club, in consultation with the team’s supporters, selected Joseph Louise Sackey as their Supporters Player of the season.

As the wa Suntaa Sporting Club celebrated their victory, the fans and supporters cheered and chanted Sackey’s name, acknowledging him for his hard work and dedication to the team.

His outstanding performance will not only brought honor to his name but would also inspired many young players in the community to pursue their dreams of becoming great footballers.

The Wa Suntaa Sporting Club is thrilled to have such a talented player on its team and looks forward to seeing Sackey shine even brighter in the upcoming seasons.


MEDIA: Maami Lizzi sports TV


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