Mr. Saaka Adams is Principal for Wa Technical Institute

The Principal of Wa Technical Institute, Mr. Saaka Adams has put inn pragmatic steps to solves spiritual issues surrounding the school since 21st May 2023.

Female Students of the School were discharged home on 22nd of May 2023 and will be returning on 28th May 2023.

According Mr. Saaka Adams, the school admitted 1,127 first year students for the 2023 Academic Year.

He outlined five things that have to be done in order for the School to be stable and running without spiritual manipulation of students.

Some two trees have been cut down after some Religious scholars attributed them to the development.


In an Interview with Muniru Ibrahim of Radio Mak on Thursday 25th May 2023, The Principal, Mr. Saaka Adams outlined the Following:

Firstly, He Appealed to parents to help their wards Spiritually, he urged them to take away any spiritual gifts they have Given to their wards, he said those spiritual gifts can be kept somewhere until the child returns from school for holidays.

Secondly, He Indicated that Students who collapse in School during classes sessions or during other public gatherings will be Made Day Students. This means such students will continue their education from home.

“..any student who collapses in school over spiritual related issues will be made day students..”

Thirdly, He noted that Religious Personalities were engaged and consulted in order for a permanent solution to be arrived at. He noted that Some Imams and Pastors came onboard to pray for the School.

Fourthly, He Touched on How fast the School was growing adding that the School admitted 1127 students for the 2023 Academic Year on both Boarding and Day Mode to pursue various courses.

Wa Technical Institute is one of the Oldest Technical Schools in the Upper West Region, it’s the second school in which spiritual Myths and attacks have befallen students. Wa Senior High Technical School faced similar faith in 2013.


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