One of the oldest Technical Schools in Upper West has hit the media again after a recent report on their mass unexpected Transfers.

According to the PTA chairman Bombason Seidu, several shameful practices have been in the school for years without necessary actions taken to clear them

“Some Heads of the school are corrupt, they admit students for part-time hire teachers to teach these students and in the end do not even pay the teachers, they also built houses through these part-time students by inflating their house rents, can you imagine giving out a single room to 10 students at a charge of Ghc400 each summing up to Ghc4000 a year and Ghc12000 in 3years, all this is influenced by the vice principal of academics Mr. Abass Wiyor who has built himself mansions and built for himself a sachet water company popularly known as pure water, can you believe I donated my wood numbering 170 to the school to aid in construction of some new buildings, what I had later was 40 of them in return and the excuse I had was that some teachers have used them for hen coupés. Later I hired auditors at a sum of Ghc1500 sent them to the school to audit some part-time fiascos, the money they uncovered was Gh80,000 which would have been create loot and share. They thought I would have come into terms with them to share that money but I refused” he said in a recorded voice. ” I am ready for them, you Mr. Abass Did all this and yet was going around with plans to head the school as Principal, we won’t allow that don’t mind him he has now been transferred to Loggu, a newly constructed Day Senior High School in Wa East District.” Mr. Bomberson Seidu is a Retired teacher, Politician and P.T.A chairman for Wa Technical Institute. He is one of the Regional Executives for the New Patriotic Party.

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