Adultery Assault Scenes in Wa

On Friday 24th of July 2020, a young man[name withheld] was spotted by a married man in a hotel exchanging sexual ecstasy with his wife. The culprit of Adultery identified as a newly trained teacher from NJA College 2019 and posted  Fongo JHS was said to have dated the married woman since he was in the college of Education, this relationship only had to hit a rock when religious factors came inn, the young man being an orthodox was not permitted to marry the lady who happens to be an ahmadiyya by denomination, this compelled them to go their separate ways and as a result, the lady got married yet still was having an affair with her ex boyfriend who is currently single.

Their act became obvious on the 24th of July 2020 when the two were spotted in a hotel room(Name Withheld), the lady was beaten according to a video critically observed by upperwestmedia Team, She was dragged towards a bed in the room as she wore a white long dress, the lady was reported to have delivered a child few days before the incident.
In Same video, a young man who was identified as the culprit of adultery was in a green and white smock, he was physically assaulted by three abled men whilst a video was been recorded, these men stripped the culprit naked after a few seconds of subjecting him to severe beatings, a voice was overheard asking in the local language ” e nimbiri kp3 ma bi?” implying if the culprit wants to undermine him.

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9 thoughts on “Wa: The Adultery Case and Matters Arising in It”
  1. Is this the best to do? Your wife is rather not seeing you as a man enough and that compels her to go out. The love is not there.

    1. I think parents should stop forcing their children to marry men or women they don’t love oh yes for me in person I don’t blame either of them for committing that crime I blame the ladies parents love is something u can’t explain when u are in it,but if I was the guy i would have taken the matter up bcox they are not suppose to take the law into their own hands n beat him to talk of stripping him naked.

    2. I just do understand but it is something that is going on in Wa here…even when the men knows the lady is marry yet they say they snatch her away from the husband or guy. It is something that is seriousely going on in Was. They see it to be normal in Wa here, yes its not good but its seem to be the punishment. Wa is spoiling

  2. The act is totally condemnable but how they also took the law I their own way was unacceptable

  3. This is becoming too much in Ghana when people are taking law into their own hands by assaulting others. I am not encouraging sin or fornications but we are all human and to err Is human. Imagine that brother is your family,how will you feel……..

  4. Too bad. I blamed those who prevented them from getting married in the name of religious difference

  5. It is a known fact that, if you are able to snatched another man’s wife, you are a man strong enough. Such snatching comes with eveready to payback the dowry to the husband. Certain places, they only perform some rituals and a the guilty man pay certain animals for specifications. This is a bad habit of our people. Taking the law into our own hands for fonication is very bad.

  6. “A ba ta nie youri la ka mang da la”. When is not you, you say if it was to be you

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