The Accident Occured in Wa

Some Netizens of the Wa Municipality have expressed dismay with the rate at which Accidents have been occuring in the Past few days within Wa in the Upper West Region.

Two monstrous Accidents have Occured in the Past, one at Goŋo Muni T-junction on 31st May 2023 and another on the Wa Poly Street close to the FIC Residence on 1st June 2023.

With the First Accident of the Week, an elderly man was involved and checks revealed he was a staff of the National Sports Authority, a Laborer at the Wa Sports Stadium before his Demise.

A CCTV Footage revealed that the Elderly Man was attempting to overtake the Driver before he[Driver] gets to the Roundabout but Unfortunately, the vehicle was faster than the driver resulting in his death. Some Residents of Wa on Social Platforms have bashed the driver for the Accident, According to Them, the Driver was probably on a Phone whilst Driving.

According to Atik Limann, the Driver was probably not focusing on the Road whilst Driving.

“..if you Monitor Closely, it’s possible the driver was using a phone or doing something else…”

Anwar Sadat Sissey

“…It’s Possible the driver fell asleep at point, it happens to drivers sometimes..”

He was crushed to death early hours of the day at about 8am on 31st May 2023 by a long Vehicle with Registration Number AS-7915-14.

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