CDA, CNTV and NORSAAC held a forum at The Regional Library

The Northern Sector Action on Awareness Center(NORSAAC) in Partnership with Institute of Local Government Studies and CNTV have held a stakeholders forum with Mobilization by the Community Development Alliance (CDA) on reforms to enhance multi-party and local governmance system.

The multi stakeholders forum was held at the Wa regional Library on Friday 21st June 2019 with Professor Kwesi Jonah Chairing the Event.

The issue on ground focused on “the review of article 55: a panacea or a burden on the winner take all practice”.

The multi-Stakeholder forum was in line with ” the Referendum we want project” designed by a consortium of NORSAAC(Lead), Institute of Local Government Studies(Tamale Office) CNTV purposely to contribute towards Enhanced local governance in Ghana through an inclusive and citizen led referendum.

Other activities included Plenary discussions, presentation on IDEG information pack and group work.

A number of suggestions and ideologies were shared on the topic of focus and respondents had to channel their grievances and concerns for proper address and clarification as it seeks to outline the positive value the referendum is set to achieve.

A meticulous examination of questions asked by stakeholders and addressed by Prof. Kwesi Jonah, the chairman of the forum were focused on Seeing democracy as the option and making it accessible to the people no matter their social status.
He noted that level of education (literacy rate), financial status, disability status shouldn’t be a reason to disenfranchise or deny people their right to exercise their votes, Noting a momentous point, Professor Kwesi brought a flashback suggesting The British couldn’t have given the then Gold coast independence if social status and literacy rate was the major factor.
He stated the illiteracy breakdown of the elderly in the three regions in the North as follows:

Northern Region – 81%

Upper East – 72%

Upper West – 71℅

Most Stakeholders suggested what to spearhead and make the voice of the course loud in order to make the fettle prolific.

40% of the house suggested the Media had a key role to play in passing the information across, Social Media, Traditional media such as Radio was suggested.

Others suggested Coalitions can be a good medium emphasising that after religious events on can spend time advocating for the course, political gatherings were also recommended as a platform to pass the information.


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