Sherif Salifu was Reportedly Assaulted in Wa

On Thursday 7th September 2023, a young man by name Sherif was Reportedly Assaulted by Police Intelligence Division popularly known as Anti Robbers for Stealing a motorbike.

According to Sherif, he was assaulted by the group and his motorbike was sold at Ghc5,000 in the process.

In January 2023, Two Public Servants were Assaulted by Police Intelligence Division for questioning their Horrendous Style of Operations.

He added that ASP Engine Adongo, leader of the group charged him Ghc3500 without a receipt in order to free him from their Custody another Ghc1,000 was taken from him by ASP Adongo’s boys before he was set free.

Chief Executive Officer of Ideapath consult, Mr. Tahiru Lukman has Condemned the act.

“This nonsense can only happen in the Upper West Region. Because we are no more concerned about our collective interest, rather advancing our personal, religious and political interest. There lack of social solidarity has weaken our desire to project our Region and stand for all odds.

Again, you stick your neck out to fight for their rights and they will go at your back to settle the issue.

I had a bitter experience of taking someone case who was subjected to abuse. He went behind me and settle with them and went into hiding for months and l was left alone. Those it was not involving police it was a similar case of abuse.

This is total nonsense.”

Detailed Background by  Awudu Ishaq

This is another case of Police brutality and unprofessional conduct in the Wa Municipality of the Upper West Region perpetrated by a supposed Special Unit with its office in an obscured location within Dobile, a Suburb of Wa.

The young man with the bandaged hand called Sherif Salifu was picked up by two gun-wielding men in mufti who after searching his room without a search warrant took him to the supposed office where he was told that he was a suspect in a motorbike theft case without an arrest warrant as well.

He was stripped naked and beaten to pulp until he started vomiting and spitting blood and was unable to stand or walk. He was asked by the Police Informant identified only as Fatawu to do something to secure his release according to the Special Unit Commander identified as ASP Eugene Adongo.

Mr Sherif Salifu told them he was innocent of the crime for which he was being tortured and molested. Fatawu upon subsequent consultation with ASP Adongo told Mr Sherif Salifu to bring an amount of GHC 3,500.00 to secure his release. Mr Sherif said he had no such amount of money and he had no property worth that amount apart from his motorbike which he had bought on hire purchase from Original Akwasi Motors in Wa and had not finishing paying.

Fatawu took the said motorbike away and came back with an amount of GHC5,000.00 out of which ASP Adongo collected the GHC3,500.00 and ordered his ‘boys’ to release Mr Sherif. Adongo’s ‘boys’ also demanded a further GHC1,000.00 as their share before they could release Mr Sherif who was given the balance of GHC500.00.

Mr Sherif who could neither stand nor walk and was bleeding all over his body was dumped into a tricycle whose rider out of concern took him to the Wa Municipal Hospital where he spent three days receiving medical attention.

Up to now, there is no official complaint by anyone regarding the said stolen motorbike and Mr Sherif Salifu was not given an opportunity to write a caution statement.

This is the same Police Unit that shot and killed innocent Shahid from Dondoli some few months ago with a lot of questions still lingering and begging for answers.

This so-called Special Unit cannot be allowed the free pass to keep torturing, harassing, brutalizing, extorting and molesting innocent citizens.

On the matter of Mr Sherif Salifu, the Ghana Police Service and/or the Officers involved in this act of blatant brutality and abuse of human rights should be investigated and appropriate sanctions applied for this unprofessional conduct.

Moreover, the Service or the Officers involved should be surcharged with the Medical Expenses of Mr Sherif Salifu.

Also, the Ghana Police Service or the Officers involved should be investigated for extortion in line with the service regulations and sanctions applied accordingly.

Finally, the Ghana Police Service or the Officers involved should offer a public apology to Mr Sherif Salifu for defamation.

This is a the only way by which the so-called Special Unit which has been let loose can be stopped in their tracks before they do their worst.

The Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice-CHRAJ,
The Social Welfare Department, The Legal Aid Board, etc should take an interest in this matter.


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