Students Have Begun Sending 3 Bags to School

Some students of T.I Ahmadiyya SHS in Wa reported to school on the 10th of July 2023 with three bags of cement each.
This was after a directive issued by management of the school to the students for contrasting to some directives issued to them.

According to a staff of the School [Name Withheld], the staff expressed dismay with the Number of Bags each student was tasked to provide as punishment, the anonymous staff added that Management wouldn’t listen to them after they had channeled their displeasure about the number  to economic repercussion on some parents, students and when it comes to law.

“..I realized the development was not fair because the number of cement management was demanding for was on the high side, some parents can’t afford it but that is the decision of the headmaster..”.

The Staff explained why the headmaster was taking three bags of cement.

“.. students were given 7 days break some time ago, after that break, some reported late and as a result, the headmaster decided that the appropriate punishment for them was that they should stay back in school whilst their colleagues who obeyed Instructions will be allowed to go for Eid break, the school’s main entrance was usually locked during the period but these students managed to scale over the school’s wall out into town and in the process parts of the wall collapsed, the headmaster decided that they should bring three bags each for the walls to be reconstructed…”

Under the Free SHS Policy, PTA program has been suspended and all schools have been barred from charging students monies in any form.


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