Alhassan Dauda Called for Tijaabunyeni to be Put Aside

A 45 Year old Assistant Registrar of Simon Diedong Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies (SDD-UBIDS) was killed by stray bullets in Wa. The Incident Occured on the 17th of March 2022.

Iddrisu Alhassan was Shot Dead on the Bamahu High way amidst a land Dispute between some natives of Kabanye, a suburb of Wa Municipality by a 61 Year old Alhaji Yanusah Abudul Rahman.

The Administrative staff Died Alongside a Retired Lecturer f Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University, Mr. Stephen Mane.

A sibling of the Deceased Assistant Registrar by Name Alhassan Dauda has called for the Usual ‘Tijaabunyeni’ mantra to be put aside for Justice to be served in an interview on Joy News lately.

The family who are based in Wa-Bamahu has since demanded Justice to be served.

” I realised that Tijaabunyeni Now a days is not helping is at all, people rely on Tijaabunyeni and do things they are not supposed to do, if you see where the thing happened, any normal being will not do such, because it’s very close to the maim road and you are aware a lot of people are passing and most people didn’t know what was happening there, it’s just like my brother didn’t know and just passed into it so Tijaabunyeni is killing us and not helping us, we have to put Tijaabunyeni aside and let the law work in Upper West and in Ghana as well, I believe this case should go to court  that is the beginning and the lawyers and judges will do their work to get us Justice”.

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