Fuel Prices in Wa, Photos: Iddrisu Muslim -ET Mensah)

Several Customers of fuel stations in Wa and Vehicle Users have expressed shock with new fuel prices lately.

The price margins at fuel stations have kept people in shock with some suggesting Petrosol’s prices are too exorbitant.
A litre of petrol goes for ghc17 at petrosol whilst at Goil, petrol goes for Ghc14.99, At total, a litre of petrol goes for Ghc13.99 whilst a difference of over Ghc3.49.

Price of Diesel is as follows as at 27th of October 2022:

Goil – Ghc15:99
Petrosol – Ghc19.89
Total – Ghc16.99

Price of fuel is influenced by the Dollar, checks at Access Bank plc indicates a dollar is being  purchased at Ghc13.25.
The Euro is currently trading at Ghc12.3
Whilst a pound goes for Ghc14.1.

The Dollar Today

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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