Tendeme (Landlords) of Sections in Wa

The Tendeme of Wa Municipality Popularly known as Landlords have express interest in pursuing the issue to the latter, in a press engagement released today 20th September 2022, the Tendeme Blamed the police for their inability to arrest more than one Suspect at a go.

Speaking at a close door meeting, they Explained that in an attempt to apprehend the Suspects, the police used sirens and as a result the Suspects escaped.

“We were able to arrest one individual and handed him over to the police, what we saw was clear enough to prove that the individual arrested is involved in the killings, our incantation and god’s have confirmed it, we are sure he is responsible for the abduction and Killings, where ever his accomplices are, we shall work with the gods to ensure they are arrested”.

The landlords Revealed things they saw.

”We saw needle, arrows without bows,eyes and a tongue, they are all with the police”.

Some other items the landlords saw at the scene Include, Pick Axe numbering 3, 2 Shovels, 2 knives, the Suspects were roasting meat on moulded blocks in a room according to The Tendeme (Landowners).

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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