A Trainee Nurse by name Lubabatu has been spotted in a Viral Video indicating she has no passion for health service delivery because she was compelled by her parents to pursue the program. She added that patients should get ready because she had come to ‘kill’ a trend she copied from TikTok.

Checks revealed that the trend was on TikTok and several nurses had taken part in the competition.

The Trainee with TikTok name @PortableKeera released a new video expressing deep regret for earlier
recording the viral life threatening piece in her nursing uniform.

Earlier Statement in TikTok Video

“”Ok! I never had the passion to be a nurse but my relatives forced me, fine! I’m to complete my Program of study, once you see me around your health facility, begin to run with your bag for your life else I will kill! You!”.

Apology on TikTok

“Good Morning to You all,I made a video in Waali and it went viral and was misunderstood, I didn’t mean to hurt anybody in any way, I love my profession, there was a sound on TikTok Popularly being used in English, so I acted in the English version and someone suggested I do it in Waali version so I translated it from English to Waali but it went the other way round, I never mean to hurt anybody in future when I’m working,I love my work and I’m apologising, kindly forgive me..”

Source Upperwestmedia.net

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