Bajaj Tricycle Dumped in the Forest with parts missing

A Bajaj Commercial Tricycle has been dismantled with some of its parts removed in the Wa Forest.

The Tricycle was discovered by some Residents of Wa on Thursday 23rd of June 2022.

The Tricycle with Registration Number M-19-UW-7789 is yellow in color without it’s Engine and Three of it tyres.

According to and Eyewitness by name Abdul Rahim Ajaansuma, he explained:

“This evening around 5:30 I went to forest zone and I found a camboo which it’s parts where removed and I suspect it to be a
stolen one”

Upperwestmedia Team spoke with the Upper West Regional Police PRO, Chief Inspector Gideon Ohene Boateng and he denied knowledge of the development, He added that Investigations will be carried out.



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