Police Arrested Two People at Kambali

A man and a lady have been arrested by police on duty at Kambali, close to Seidu Tendaana Street after failing to stop when police directed them to.

On the 23rd of September 2022, at about 11:35pm, a man and a lady in a Nissan Rogue with Registration Number NR-542-14 were stopped at a police checkpoint in Kambali but they failed to stop, they were later chased for about 50meters with the registration number of the car captured before they stopped.

The driver who was a lady was instructed to open the car for an internal search which she did, she was later directed to open the car’s boot but she couldn’t after several attempts, a patrol team came by and through interrogation, it was discovered the driver was drunk and was driving without license.

They have been sent to the police station for Investigations to be carried out.

Over 200 Police Officers have been deployed to Wa Municipality to apprehend serial killers within the township.

12 cases of Abduction and Killings have been recorded in a space of 9 months.

Several Stakeholders have come together including Traditional Authorities to find a lasting solution to the Problem.

However, the Wa Tendeme have blamed the Upper West Regional Minister and the Wa Municipal Chief Executive for the incessant Kidnappings and Killings, demanding for their heads.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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