The Suspects were caught trying to steal parts of a tricycle

Two young men, one fair and another dark in complexion have been spotted in Kambali attempted to steal some spare parts of a disused TVS Tricycle belonging to a young man by Name Kingsley Dery. The incident Occured on the 6th of October 2022 at 05:30pm. They rode a Luojia Modelled Royal Motorcycle to the scene.

The Tricycle according to eyewitnesses has been disused for over a year and was left close to a compound house for maintenance works to be carried out on it.

Eyewitnesses added that the suspect opened the boot of the Yello TVS Tricycle and was loosening the carburator pump before he was queried.

He stated that he has moved around the area for three consecutive times in need of some parts of the machine, he also confessed that he does not know the owner of the tricycle, he concluded that he only greeted some women and begun to remove the parts.


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