Two suspected miscreants left their motor at a crime scene

Two suspected motorbike thieves escaped arrest of Fire Service Personnel, leaving their motorbike with registration number 3552-15-UW per reports from Sungmaale FM.

This incident happened at the front gate of Ancilla International School, in Wa. According to eye witness report, the escaped suspects were hovering around the front gate of the School, looking very suspicious.

The eye witness observed them meters away. One of the suspected thieves alighted from their bike and sat on the Honda motorbike they wanted to steal. He was using a key that was not responding.

The eye witness rushed to them and held the one trying to start the motor they attempted stealing, but he overpowered him and they both fled, leaving behind their sandals and their motorbike Thursday 27th of July 2023.

Source: Sungmaale FM

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