In the early hours of Friday 26th January,2019 at 9:00am.A final year student of university of development student(UDS)-wa campus Enoch Akondor was discovered in cold blood in his room.

According to a close friend who spoke to iconzplay media,he said ” Enoch’s reason for committing the alleged suicide is difficult to ascertain and dubious to believe my friend will take his precious life though, no foul play is discovered.

The night to his death, talked about his preparation to register his courses on Monday in order to avert paying penalty.

later on,He was seen busily talking on phone with his friend before going to bed.Enoch who normally wakes up early in the morning in his hostel was not seen outside and upon several knocks on his door,we heard no response therefore, we called a carpenter in Bamahu community to break his door and finally saw him in cold blood with a lot of foam formed around his mouth, a bottle of a substance suspecting to be a poison was seen behind him.No written information was left behind.His body is currently in wa morgue awaiting autopsy to ascertain the cause of his sadden death”.

By: Mensah Kingsley

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