Two Contradictory Admission Letters of Bedeviled Student

A young lady[Name Withheld] has been left in the blues after the University for Development Studies(UDS) kept her wallowing in confusion with two admissions from one institution.

The Lady was offered admission to read a two years program in Community Development at the Wa Campus of UDS on 12th July 2019 but was later given another Admission in the Same Portal on 30th August 2019 to Read a 2years program in Social Change Communication at Nyankpala instead of Wa Campus though Ayisha never chose programs in Nyankpala campus.

This issue of regular miscommunication from the University Started in 2012 after an education program was moved from Wa to Tamale by the then Management of the Institution.

Wa UDS now Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies (DUBIDS) was declared autonomous by Parliament and the President of Ghana Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo earlier in 2019 after several petitions and demonstrations were held by Coalition of Concerned citizens, Chiefs in Upper West.

The proposal was initially met with fierce resistance from management of the institution including Prof. Amin Alhassan, an outgone Principal of the Then Wa UDS Campus.

Over 60% of internal mobilization of Funds were carried out by the Wa Campus due to the huge intake of students, this prompted instant resistance to make the Wa Campus autonomous in order to avoid low intake and mobilization in the remaining three campuses.

Several issues were raised to merit the movement of a faculty to Tamale including security issues and high cost of living.

The Coalition of Concerned Citizens in Upper West a day ago released a press statement suggesting the vice Chancellor for UDS has plotted to sabotage the Wa UDS campus after its autonomy was announced, speaking to the Press, they stated that the management and admission board have resorted to giving students who seek for admissions different programs and centers from what they applied for as a way of depopulating and crippling the Wa campus.


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