Lawyer Saeed Abdul Shakur, Principal State Attorney (Right)

Principal State Attorney, Lawyer Saeed Abdul Shakur has cautioned residents of the Upper West Region to Use the Unity slogan ‘tijaabunyeni’ Carefully before it lands people in grips of the Law.

Speaking to Upper West Media Team on 25th of January 2023, Lawyer Shakur indicated that some people hide under the disguise of Tijaabunyeni to commit crimes and afterwards resort to meeting Influencial people to seek for Mercy.

“..when you say this is my uncle this is my nephew and allow crime to go on, this same uncle will Rob someone and someone’s uncle will also come to robb you, so the best thing to do is to let such people involved in crime face the law and send them away in order not to give them opportunity to commit more crimes…”

He Advocated for Residents to use the unity Matra ‘tijaabunyeni’ positively.

Use Tijaabunyeni when you see your brother sick you can help him, when you see your bro in debt you can help him, when you see a child drop out of school you can help him but if you use Tijaabunyeni to dupe people, you’ll have the law to contend with..”

A popular Mantra ‘Tijaabunyeni’ used to define Unity in Wa.

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