Prof. Elias Sowley, Vice Chancellor of Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University

The Vice Chancellor of Dr Hilla Limann Technical University, Prof. Elias K. Sowley has expressed interest in Introducing Distance Mode of Pursuing Programs in the University.

Speaking to Upper West Media Team on the Issue, he highlighted on the Importance of Distance Learning and the Need for ICT integration to be able fully execute the mode of learning.

“…we want to take University Education to people who cannot be Physically present, to be frank with you, we are moving away from the Physical structures, it’s more about ICT, using ICT, you know covid-19 for example taught us a lesson, when we didn’t know it is possible to work from home, today some organizations Still practice it, People are working from home, distance education is not about going round everywhere and dotting study centers, its about reaching out to People where ever they are, in their homes, virtually, we as a university will consider when resources permit, to set-up the necessary structures that Will enable us to reach out to people that cannot be Physically present here,

there are some Programs that you don’t need to be physically present here to pursue, and if we were to have such a program and you are a very busy person even in Wa, your work schedule, you are so busy that you can’t come here, you can use technology to attend lectures and be able to graduate..”

The Vice Chancellor also Explained the flexibility of Online programs compared to face-to-face programs.

“…It is only a few programs which are practical that you need to be here, even for such Programs, technology still makes it possible, there is what we call simulations, you can still simulate things virtually, even someone can be trained as a doctor online, they can show you how to carryout a surgery through that virtual means so what we want to do is to invest in that when our resources permit so that we can provide more access to those who need Education..”

Following the passing of the Technical Universities Act, 2016 (Act 922), the Technical Universities (Amendment) Act 2018 (Act 974) and the Technical Universities (Amendment) Act 2020 (Act 1016), the institution was converted to a Technical University.


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