Tahiru Lukman(Left), Dr. Rashid Pelpuo(Left)

For nearly two decades in Parliament, the MP for Wa Central has always been a factor in the season of parliamentary primaries and general elections.

He has consistently been favored on a variety of subjects, with ethnocentric and religious feelings playing a big role.

While it is difficult to condemn him for seizing on these social features. It should be time for delegates and voters to reflect; two decades in Parliament is enough for my MP to empower, influence, transform, and develop individuals and communities; however, he cannot be credited with improving his constituents’ growth.

Again, he does not represent Wa Central as a brand, and it is revolting to see him sit behind the screens or on the radio to discuss a subject.

The NDC youth must face reality; your colleagues cannot remain in enviable political leadership if you continue to sing praises and vote for self-serving MPs who travel to represent his buddies and family.

The NDC’s chances of winning the 2024 election must start with cleaning up the constituencies by voting out our underperforming MPs, especially the incumbent MP for Wa Central, Hon. Alhaji Rashid Hassan Pelpuo (PhD).

The quality of representation must be scrutinized, and if that is the case, the MP must be shown the door. It is unfortunate to hear so-called supporters of the Wa Central MP discuss the proposal, while others express anxiety that the MP represents their only opportunity to keep the seat. This analogy is limited.

It is the larger NDC supporters who have given him the approval to go to parliament for nearly two decades, and if the same NDC voters hunger for change, it will still be the same endorsement for anyone to gain success for the party.

It’s amusing because only in Wa is primitive political philosophy still relevant. What good is a kinsman who will go hunting in the family wilderness and return with bush meat, denying his people? We can only honor the MP for Wa Central as a senior politician and nothing more.

I’ve only known the other contestants from afar, and I believe that if the NDC’s vetting committee finds them worthy of running for the seat, any of them could be more deserved. Nobody is born with experience, thus if an MP is viewed as an experienced politician after nearly two decades in parliament, without significant impact; this is unfortunate.

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One thought on “Wa: Vote out Wa MP; we cannot be stuck in a circle of ineffective representation: Youth activist fires!”
  1. Such useless, irresponsible and pedestrian comments are RETROGRASIVE and childish. How can somebody like Lukman made such autrances. His little education should have made him understand that, the MP continue to go back to Parliament because the good people of Wa Central knows what he is doing for them as an MP. If his performance was Bellow the belt, they would have shown him the exit long time. We in wa Central are tied with such Petty and propaganda driven politics and individuals comments. Hon.Dr Rashid Pelpuo remains the choice of delegates going in the 2024 elections.

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