Wa Naa Palace

The VRA/NEDCO Office of Upper West Region has undertaken a disconnection exercise at Institutions in order to collect monies owed them

The exercise took place on the 18th of April 2023, in the process the team visited the Wa Naa’s Palace where they realized the palace owes the Organization.

Wa Naa’s Palace Owes Ghc61,000 According to VRA/NEDCO and per the directive the Wa Municipal Assembly is supposed to make payment to that affect but according to VRA/NEDCO for close to two years, no payments have been made.

“Wa Naa’s Palace Owes Ghc61,000 cedis and per the directive, the district Assembly is supposed to make payment to that effect but per our records for close to two years no payments have been made so we are engaging and we believe that something good will come out of our engagement”.

The Wa Naa’s Palace and the Nusrat Jahan Ahmadiyya College of Education were also given some time duration to pay off their debts.

Upper West Regional Area Manager of NEDCO/VRA Ing. Francis Yamesor  indicated that Customers owe them about 1.2billion Ghana Cedis and they also Volta River Authority(VRA) 1.6 Billion Ghana Cedis and also GRIDCO, 481 million Ghana Cedis.

“VRA/NEDCO in general, customers owe us about 1.2 billion Ghana Cedis, we owe power generators that is VRA Ghc1.6 billion and the transmitters, that is GRIDCO,  Transmitters, We owe them 481 million Ghana Cedis, the Department which is NEDCO needs 120 million cedis to Make Power Available to our customers, as we speak we are able to collect only 85 million Ghana Cedis from our customers monthly and currently we have a deficit of Ghc35 million every month and if we don’t work on this it means the business will come to a halt”.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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