Ranking Bwoy Said Men Should Stop being ‘Mr. Nice’

Society Activist, Mohammed Hamidu known in showbiz circles as Ranking Bwoy Gh has lashed out on Some Waala girls over poor decision making.

In a statement he released on 13th August 2022, he indicated that most girl in Wa cannot use Ghc3,000 to yield results, he continued that they would prefer to use such an amount on drinks and meat in groups than to invest it into a business, he added that such girls have resorted to town helping to maintain such standards and are likely not to get a good man as a husband.
“A Waala girl prefers to use money worth Gh₵2,000 or Gh₵3,000 on birthday party compared to starting a business, even if you can assist your mother who is into trading with the money, it will go a long way to help her but they won’t listen, they will rather go to drinking spots to spend that money on friends, after that, they wear makups like decorated dwarfs, what is even worrying is the fact that men who sponsor them do not marry them, you’ll end up wasting such amounts whilst your aged mother is home struggling to survive Demanding for amounts such as Gh₵2 or Gh₵3 to buy porridge, it’s clear such ladies aren’t God fearing girls, why won’t you get work doing and stop the party and amariya Programs, what they know is to trade sex for transportation with new motorbikes”.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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