Tendeme held a meeting

Traditional Authorities of Wa Also Known as Tendeme have rebuked claims that police were the ones that investigated and arrested a Suspect in Connection with Serial Killings in Wa.

This was revealed in a press engagement in Wa on Tuesday 20th September 2022.

The Landlords also indicated that the Suspect isn’t mentally unstable, they added that Rumours surrounding that should be treated as mendacious.

“We have done what is expected per Tradition and the evidence is what we see, a man has been exposed, we are sure he is one of the syndicates, there is no need speculating whether he is mad or not, we are working to expose the rest like we did to this Suspect”

They also Explained why they couldn’t arrest more.

“We mad the arrest, however, the police were the reason we lost some of them with their sirens”.

They commended the police for their support but urged police to investigate and prosecute the Suspects involved.

Play Video at 2:56

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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