Students of Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University

Some students of Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University have appealed for Stakeholders to construct more hostel facilities in order for more students to be able to secure Accommodation.

Speaking to some students around Kpongu, a Community close to the school, they Narrated that despite the number of private hostels available around the school, students have occupied them, they added that most students due to the hikes in lorry fares and price of fuel, prefer to reside near the school, as a result they prefer hostels close to Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University to Other hostels and rooms in town.

During the Investiture of The University’s first Vice Chancellor, Prof. Elias Sowley in May 2022, he Advocated for the government to complete the University’s stalled hostel project that has been Abandoned over a decade ago.

Hostel Project

One major problem facing the University is the students hostel project which has stalled for many years. The Students’ hostel project is a three-storey facility that has a capacity to accommodate about 800 students and 30 teaching assistants. This project was first awarded in 2008. It was terminated in 2010 after a 30 percent completion rate. The project was re-awarded
in June, 2013 but the contractor did not mobilise to site and the contract was subsequently terminated.

Mr. Chairman, this is the only public University in Ghana without students accommodation
facilities. The completion of the hostel project would resolve the lingering students accommodation problems and improve the low student enrollment rates. We therefore
passionately appeal for assistance to complete the hostel.

The University is also exploring other ways of getting a students’ hostel, including a BoT arrangement. Let me use this medium to invite all interested parties, stake holders as well as
entrepreneurs to assist Management to resolve this pressing issue.


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