Dear, Administrator, on Sunday 30th of April 2023, we noticed a young man acting unusual near our vicinity, he was a bit tall and slim. He went into a radio station close to Upper West Regional Hospital during the day and stole some cables.

In an attempt to leave the scene during a church service, some women spotted him and Apprehended him, he was beaten but not mercilessly due to the fact that almost all witnesses were women, most staff of the radio station were absent.

We could do nothing much but to let him go due to the fact that we had no medium of transporting him to the Police station or making phone calls. He said he is a resident of Dokpong and stays close to Presbyterian school.

We have had series of records that aren’t favorable in the area, in about 3 months lots of people have had their properties stolen and we are yet to see the assembly man and other stakeholders acting upon it, that is why we are communicating our Concerns with the media to see if these stakeholders can take it up from there.

Few weeks ago, I travelled and on my return some unknown miscreants came into my room and took away my television and othe precious resources. A week after, they returned and took away belongings of some Health workers residing close to me in Dokpong, a suburb of Wa Municipality. Just in April this Month, a school Madam has had some of her properties stolen and this has resulted in fear and panic amongst residents of the area.

On the 22nd of April 2023, a child was kidnapped in the same area by two men with one arrested and currently in Police custody.

We hope the police and Assembly Member Intervenes.


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