Kambali Naa Yussif Kankooha II (Centre)

The Paramount Chief of Kambali Residential Area, Naa Kankooha II has stated that they migrated from the Wa East District to Wa Municipality some years ago.

The Paramount Chief detailed that they Moved from Buleng-Nayiri over 40km to the East of Wa where they Initially settled for some Time to Jangberihi located within Degu Electoral Area after which they moved to Kambali-Kori which is now Waali-Sombo before moving down to present Day Kambali.

He added that they are Dagombas , in Bulenga we are fully Royals there but in Wa we are Tendaan-Nabiihi, known in English as Royal Landlords.

“I’m called Kambali Naa Yussif Kankooha II, Our grandfather moved from Buleng-Nayiri to Jangberihi located around police station to settle before moving to Kambali-Kori now Wa Sombo, we came down finally to present Day Kambali to settle, We are Dagombas but natively Buleng-Nabihi, in Wa Here we are Landlords but Also Royals”.

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Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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