Mr. Salifu Sabogu, Chairman of Upper West Regional Tricycle Riders Association

Chairman of Upper West Regional Tricycle Riders Association, Mr. Salifu Sabogu has hinted that efforts were being put in place to reduce ‘Camboo’ Fares in the Upper West Region but some Developments prevented them.

He noted that fuel prices were considered but cost of Engine oil was one of the Reasons behind their decision not to reduce fares, he continued that they used to buy Engine oil at Ghc20 but as at now the price has gone up to Ghc50 and has since not dropped.

He added that Price of Spare parts was another challenge they were faced with, he gave an instance where a Bajaj tyre which used to be sold at Ghc40 moved up to Ghc270 in a short while and has since not been reduced.

He Said Government should intervene in that regard in order for the Economy to be stabilized.

Transport Companies reduced fares by 15.3% few days ago after fuel prices dropped.


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