Mr. Kamaldeen Ishmail, Victim of Police Assault

A Suspect accused of Contempt and trying to destroy state property has engaged the Media on how he was nearly killed by some police officers of the Police Intelligence Division in Wa.

Speaking to Upper West Media Team on June 18th 2023, Mr. Kamaldeen Ishmail a Staff of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) indicated that he was physically assaulted together with Mr. Yahaya Mohammed, an Assistant headmaster of Takpo SHS in an attempt to raise Concerns over some arrests made in Duori on the 24th of January 2023.

“..On the 24th of January 2023, some Men stormed our house and searched our room, they later arrested a brother and took his motorbike as well, we went to the police station on the 5th of February 2023 to find out why our aunti’s room was ransacked, the officers Assaulted us in their office with cutlasses and accused us of trying to burn down their office…”

Mr. Kamaldeen Ishmail stated that they were Accused of Trying to Burn Down a Police Station belonging to the Police Intelligence Division.

He concluded that the Commission of Human Right and Administrative Justice is one the issue and the case will soon be processed for Court.


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