No Electricity in Olli

Residents of  Olli in the Guo Electoral Area of the Wa West District have bemoaned the lack of electricity in the community, saying it affects their social and economic lives.

They said the community has been neglected in many developmental initiatives, including the electricity.

Speaking in an interview with Info Radio at the community, Mr Mwini Abubakari, a resident, said the community faces numerous challenges but that the major of them is lack of electricity.

He said the lack of electricity has posed many setbacks at residents of the community including business and social limitations.

He said they find difficult accessing corn mills to mill grains for food and that, women had to rely on dry-cell-powered torchlights to cook at night.

Madam  Haduna Daari, another resident, told Info Radio that their school children are unable to learn at home especially in the night due to the unavailability of electricity in the community.

She lamented that it leads to poor academic performance among the children which was not good for a community desirous of building its children’s future bright.

Mr Yakubu Titaabu, who was also a resident of the community, explained that the issue of electricity in the community has become a political bait politicians use to get their votes.

He added that economic productivity in the community is low due to the lack of electricity in the community.

The residents, therefore, appealed to the government through the Wa West District Assembly to come to their assistance by connecting them to the national grid.

Source: Info Radio

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