Hon. Nicholas Gyirikar, Assembly Member for Varimpere Electoral Area (Left)

Assembly Member for Varimpere Electoral Area Hon. Nicholas Gyirikar has revealed how much his Community charges for getting a school girl pregnant.

Speaking to Iddrisu Dasaana few weeks Ago, he said such measures were put in place to curb the rate at which some men deliberately Deceived school girls and get them pregnant in the Bungberi Community located in Wa West District.

He spelt out the Fines detailing that one must make available One thousand Ghana Cedis and a Sheep as fine for getting a school girl pregnant.

Four men involved in the Act were charged Ghc4,000 and 4 Sheep for Getting four students pregnant.

He added that the Wa West District Assembly is aware of the Development and has Endorsed it.

He was speaking during a PTA Ceremony at Vieri Methodist Primary School where 40 Dual Desks were donated.

Hon. Nicholas Gyirikar urged the Varimpere Methodist Primary School to implement such policy in their school to reduce teenage Pregnancies amongst girls of school going age.


Source: Upperwestmedia.net


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