Residents of Daboziiri in the Siiru Electoral Area of the Wa West District have lamented that the poor nature of road networks in the area is affecting the sales of their farm produce.

They also said that the bad nature of road affects their day to day activities.

Mr Dassah Kyasuo told Info Radio that the bad state of the road negatively affect them during the raining season.

According to him, they face challenges when transporting their farm produce to market centres at Wa or Vieri.

Mr Dassah said during elections, politicians always move to and fro the community, promising to construct the road but never return to the community after achieving their aim.

He however applauded the Assembly Member of the area, Mr. Wulo Richard, for the necessary steps taken to improve the state of the roads in the area.

Mr. Donado Gbangbaa, another resident, noted that they suffer post-harvest losses as their farm produce get rotten at the farms due the poor nature of the roads hindering the timely transportation of the produce.

The residents, therefore, appealed to the government through the Wa West District Assembly to come to their aid.

Source: Info Radio

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