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The Assembly Member for Kendau Electoral Area in the Wa West District, Jerry Olo has Narrated that rampant felling of economic trees such as shea trees in the electoral for charcoal burning is as a result of lack of alternative source of livelihoods for the people, particularly women in the area.

He said the women do not have any other activity to do in the dry season to earn a living aside charcoal burning.

Speaking in an interview, Mr Olo noted that the availability of a dam in the electoral will provide an alternative to the women to grow vegetables to sell and earn income.

According to him, the women resisted the move he takes to stop them from felling the trees asking him to provide them work to do.

“During the dry season we have no option than to rely on the charcoal burning,  the youth have no alternative, the women to are in same shoe,  our animals have no source of water,  rearing is a problem, how to get money or jobs is a serious problem”.

The Assembly member however said the there is no dam at the electoral area to serve the people, but that the assembly had promised to construct one, but could not tell when that will be done.

“on the issue of Water,  if we get some stakeholders to help us we shall be grateful,  especially the 1VID Project,  our community has been neglected,  we were assured by the former DCE,  Mr. Edward Labiir of assistance but we have not seen any developments yet”

Also on the Issue of drinking water, Mr Olo stated that the people in the electoral area, particularly women go through difficulties before they could access potable water for household use.

He indicated that some communities in the area have to resort to streams for water.


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