Wa West DCE, Hon. Vida Diorotey(Standing)

Residents of Kpenaateng in the Wa West District say the lack of telecommunications network at the community is adversely affecting their social and economic lives at the community.

They said due to the lack of telecommunications network at the community, they are unable to engage in any meaningful business at the community since they are unable to easily communicate their business partners.

Mr. Dongbomo peter, a resident, said this in an interview with Info Radio at the community.

He explained that before one could make a single phone call he or she have to either climb a tree or move to the outskirt of the community to locate networks service.

He added that it is difficult to call for assistance in times of emergency.

Mr Dongbomo, however, acknowledged the importance of telecommunication network system at the community in helping to improve their businesses and economic status.

He said the world was fast globalizing with the advent of digital technologies that rely heavily on telecommunications network services.

He stressed the need for every person, community to get hooked on to the global trends of development, thus the need to have access to telecom network.

The community appealed to authorities to come to their support to enable come to level with current technological and developmental demands.

Source: Info Radio

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