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Brighten my light is a student led social intervention initiative which identifies the needy in various societies to provide them with a helping hand. Brighten my light is purely based on give back to society.

On the 8th June 2019, a team of 15 members from the Brighten my light program paid a visit to a widow name Ziem Nyor and her children in a village called Nerikuteng in the Wa west district under the upper west region.

Ziem Nyor (a widow) from Nerikuteng gave a heartfelt account about how she finds it difficult to cater for her family. “After the demise of my husband, it became difficult for me to provide the educational needs of my kids. I cannot afford the basic stationeries for my kids, so I advised my daughter to stop schooling”, says the widow. She mentioned that she only depends on the proceeds from her small subsistence farm and borrowing from her neighbors whenever the children need money for their education. The daughter who was in primary five left school as advised by her mother and left for the southern part of Ghana to seek for greener pastures. Sadly, the said greener pasture is the commonly dehumanizing social canker named ‘Kayaye’.

Admittedly, she agreed to call the daughter to return from the southern part of Ghana and get re-enroled into school or to learn a vocation upon the request of Brighten my light team. Both the daughter and the mother are now beneficiaries of the Brighten my light social intervention program. The Brighten my light team donated some farming inputs such as fertilizers, weedicide, seeds, and Knapsack spraying machine to help the woman in her farming activities.

The widow was also educated on how to effectively use the farming inputs to reap maximum returns from her labor at the end of the farming season.
She (Ziem Nyor) expressed has sincere gratitude and sought for God’s blessing to the representatives from the Brighten my light program. #let’s alleviate poverty. #let’s put smiles on the faces of the less privileged

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