Wa West District Education Office

Parents and guardians at Eggu in the Wa West District have assembled 56 dual desks for the Eggu Primary School to enhance teaching and learning in the school.

The desks worth an amount of GHC8,000.00 was mobilized by the parents and guardians through personal levies.

In an interview with Info Radio at the community, a parent and former Assembly Member for Eggu Electoral Area, Mr Simon Diibu said the schoolchildren have been lying on their stomachs while receiving academic instructions for so many years without any support.

He observed the children could contract some infections through lying on the bare floor, especially during wet seasons.

He said the community members took a great concern for the situation and had to act to save the situation.

He noted that they have taken an initiative by contributing monies to maintain the school while appealing to philanthropic organizations for support.

Mr Diibu also lamented the lack of textbooks, inadequate potable water, part of the school being ripped off and other challenges confronting the school.

Another parent, Mr Edmon Kanbong noted that the children from Kindergarten (KG) to Primary six (6) have been lying on their bellies because the school had less than ten desks for a population of 204 pupils.

Source: Martin Kyasuo Sunti

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