Pharuk Bandanaa

Mr Bandanaa Patrick Pharuk, an astute member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Wa West Constituency, has stressed his unrelenting desire to salvage the constituency from the development morasses it has suffered over the years.

The unrelenting patriot of the Wa West District has completed all the processes of the nomination and waiting for the set date for the vetting after picking the nomination on 22nd February 2023.

A statement issued by Mr Bandanaa in Wechiau and copied to Info Radio indicated that having been raised in the district, he knows the challenges of the district as well as its comparative advantages and is thus in the right position to bridge the development of the district.

Mr Bandanaa explained that the development of the district has been his topmost priority which he has contributed to significantly even without being a political leader.

“It is sad and regrettable to note that the past two years have been a festival of sloganeering, talk-talk, mediocrity, and cheap political bootlicking praise singing but with very little to show.

So I am here to quiet the cacophony and noise so that together we can get Wa west to work for the greater good”, he explained.

He stated that Wa West is his homeland and has thus seen the need to work sacrificially to uplift the district and for the betterment of the people in the district.

He believes that public service is a responsibility they all share and should be ready to contribute their quota – resources, time, and best efforts towards the well-being of the land that has “birthed and shaped us into successful people.”

Mr Bandanaa, therefore, appealed to good people of the district to support him in his bid to lead the NDC party in the upcoming primaries to bring brighter fortunes to, not only the NDC party but also the Wa West District.

Source: Philip Tengzu

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