Pituo in Wa West

Some residents of Pituo, a farming community in the Wa West District of the Upper West region, have expressed their growing apprehension regarding the absence of electricity in their area. This absence, they said, is hindering their socioeconomic advancement and overall development.

In an interview with Radio Progress news on August 16, 2023, the proactive residents highlighted several pressing challenges facing them. These challenges include a subpar road network, inadequate water facilities (boreholes), and the lack of a Daycare center to provide early education for their children. Despite these issues, the residents collectively emphasized that the absence of electricity is the most concerning.

Mr. Dangu Kojo, an elder in the community, outlined the far-reaching consequences of living without electricity. He lamented that children in Pituo are unable to study during the evenings due to the darkness that engulfs the community.

On the other hand, Youth leader, Mr. Moses Dangu, brought attention to the unfulfilled campaign promises made by various politicians. According to him, these politicians had repeatedly pledged to connect Pituo to the national power grid if elected. Unfortunately, these pledges have remained unfulfilled, and the residents’ hopes have been dashed.

Adding to the chorus of disappointment, another resident, Mr. Kyenshiar Michael underscored the stark contrast between Pituo and nearby communities such as Ponyentanga and Tanina, which have been fortunate enough to receive electricity. He painted a vivid picture of the disparity, as the lights from Ponyentanga cast their glow into the darkness of Pituo, leaving its residents in the shadows.

The residents are  therefore calling upon their representatives and the government for assistance. They have particularly appealed to the Wa West Member of Parliament, Hon. Peter Lanchene Toobu, who hails from nearby Ponyentanga, as well as the District Chief Executive for Wa West, Hon. Vida Diorotey, and various developmental agencies to intervene and address their need for electricity, which they believe is crucial for the community’s growth and progress.

Source: Radio Progress

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