Traditional Dancers in Sandema, Feok Festival

The outright payment of between six and 12 cows as pride price before marrying young Brifor ladies was scaring a lot of young men from marrying from their traditional set ups.

The practice is also impoverishing parents who have to work for so many years to acquire cows before their sons can marry. Under the customs and traditions of the Brifor tribe, half of the cows are given to the parents of the bride while the other half is given to the maternal uncles of the bride before a man can marry her. The divisional chief of Kakalaapar in the Wechiau Traditional Area of the Wa West District, Naa Dauda Buudikubo II has appealed to the Brifor tribe to reduce their bride prize to promote inter-tribal marriage in the district. He made the appeal in Wechiau, the district capital at a durbar organized by the Brifor Cultural Dance troupe on Tuesday, 23 April, 2019.

Naa Dauda Buudikubo II who spoke on behalf of the Paramount chief of the Wechiau Traditional Area, Naa Imoroh Nandom Gomah II said the move if adhere to will improve unity and responsible marriage between the Brifor tribe and other tribes in the district. The chief of Buli, Naa Adams Chielinaah called on the Brifor society to uphold their integrity and bring out realistic ideas towards the development of their communities.

By: Ankaara  Sankara/ Radio Progress

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