Olli is in Wa West District

Residents of Olli, a community in the Eggu Electoral Area of the Wa West District have taken the initiative to construct a walkway over a river that usually cut the community off from their neighbors in the rainy season.

The construction which was by communal labour is a yearly ritual that the people have been engaging in for years, usually few months into the rainy season.

Speaking to Info Info at the site of the construction, Douglas Samari said the situation of the river is really a huge challenge to them. He said they have lost so much to this river including human lives.

Mr Samari recounted some of the challenges that the condition of the bridge poses to them.

He said their plight is further worsened when somebody who was purported to have taken the construction of a bridge over the river dug a huge pit there which has now become a death trap to both human and animals.

Bamba Amos, a Unit Committee Member at Olli, while recounting his losses said their construction in itself could be life threatening when it becomes weak over time.

He attributed this to the fact that the construction was not done with any “proper materials” but said, that was the only option available to them.

The Assembly Member of the Eggu Electoral Area, Dassah Ephraim said he has taken several steps on the matter but nothing seems to be adding up.

He said he will continue knocking at the doors of the Wa West District Assembly until the desire results was achieved.

Mr Ephraim appealed to the central government and benevolent individuals and organisations to come to their assistance.

Source: Info Radio

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