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Details of how some pregnant women in the Upper West region endure challenges have surfaced online

A town known as Pigbengben in Wa West District of the region lacks basic health facilities to assist women in labour

The pregnant women are compelled to travel over 7 kilometers in order to access medical care.

Information available shows that some pregnant women in Ghana endure ordeals before they can access healthcare.

The residents of Pigbengben in Wa West District of the Upper West Region reportedly face challenges when trying to get women in labour as well as children to healthcare facilities.

This is because there are no treatment centres present and as such, it becomes necessary to travel over 7 kilometers on a bumpy road to get to adjoining communities.

The situation is worsened, according to reports, during the rainy season when the roads become muddy and slippery.

This puts several passengers and road users at risk, reports.

A resident known as Madam Aishatu Yakubu revealed that pregnant women are often transported in tricycles to a neighbouring health centre to receive skilled delivery services.

Pigbengben is a farming community with over 700 inhabitants but lacks amenities such as health centres, motorable road networks and schools.

The community leaders have however implemented a policy to the effect that any pregnant woman who delivers at home will be fined a minimum of GHc200.

In other news, it  has been learnt that a young lady known as Kelsey Woname has been honoured for her sporting prowess.

Woname has been named among 30 sportswomen to receive honours by Women in Sports Ghana.

She was recognized for representing Ghana and helping to raise funds for her fencing team as well as for other underprivileged fencers in the world.


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