Upper West Regional Hospital

A Hunter has sustained injuries and was admitted at the Upper West Regional Hospital after he shot a Suspected armed robber to death between Siriyiri and Boro in the Wa West District. The Incident Occured at about 8pm late hours of 12th January 2023.

According to an Eyewitness Adams who spoke to Upper West Media Team, he indicated that the Hunter was from Wa towards Dorimon areas for his hunting activities when he was stopped by some unidentified men numbering about 6, he was on top speed and didn’t stop when they used flashlights signaling him to stop, as a result, the Suspected robbers opened fire on him, he(Hunter) also opened fire according Eyewitnesses and it resulted in one of the Suspected robbers, a Fulani being shot dead.

Other robbers at the Scene fled into the Bushes leaving their helpless colleague behind.

The Hunter was shot on his Shoulder and was rushed to the Upper West Regional Hospital for Medical Attention.

Mortal Remains of the Suspected Robber shot at the Scene was also conveyed to the Upper West Regional Hospital for Investigations.

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Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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