All in One Fashion House

Raphius Amigos Launched All for One Fashion House at Dondoli in the Wa Municipality on the 23rd of October 2022. The development attracted several stakeholders including Chief Executive Officer of BAHASS Foundation, Mr. Yussif Baba, Former MCE for Wa, Hon. Isaahaku Nuhu Putiaha.

In a speech delivered by the former Municipal Chief Executive, he advocated for more investments by youth of the Region in order to FasTrack development.

“This place is for all of us so I’ll urge all of us to select our cloths here, with what I say inn there I was so impressed, the goods there are of high standard, what we need now is marketing, to project the place to the public, we are optimistic this place will expand beyond this, from music to investments is a prodigious way of thinking, I’ll prefer to call this place Dondoli Dubai, there was a time we travelled from USA to Dubai, with what I saw in Boutiques at Dubai it can be compared to the stock inn here, may All Elevate this business”.

Checks by Upperwestmedia Team revealed that the Award Winning Artiste invested over Ghc50,000 in the Business.

The Fashion House is located in Wa-Dondoli.



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