Queens Valley Night Club

A Staff of Queens Valley Hotel and Night Club in Wa-Sombo has explained why the club has halted Operations for Almost Four Years.

Speaking to Upper West Media Team on Wednesday 12th April 2023, Mr. Mathew N. Denounced allegations that the Facility was not closed down because it developed a crack or major construction faults.

“..No, it’s not because of cracks, there are no cracks, it’s because of a virus by name Covid-19 that we closed down, all clubs were directed to close down..”

He gave another reason that, Queens Valley Night Club stopped Operations because some group of people resorted to stealing from the hotel when they attend programs at night, he bemoaned the rate at which some mattresses of their guest houses were stolen by visitors in the name of the club.

“… People were also stealing from us those are some of the reasons why we stopped Operations..”

He added that some people generate misunderstandings and misconceptions usually when programs are to be brought to a halt in order to gain access to the entertainment hall. He said such people do not pay to patronize the even but prefer free gate events causing losses to the Organization.

“…when the program is to come to an end for the night, people try to force their way into the night club without paying, this has destroyed our property and we lose money…”

He Concluded by indicating that Covid-19 was the Main Reason why the place was closed down in 2019 but assured that management is working tirelessly to return to full duty.

Queens Valley Night Club was very active in 2016 till it was closed down.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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