Accident in Wa

A Woman believed to be in her early 50s met her untimely death over an accident on the J.J. Rawlings high street directly opposite Total one filling station in Wa at about 3:45pm today.

According to an eye witness who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity said, the deceased Nator Naa Alice popular called Yaa on a Luoji 110-8cc with registration number M-19-UW 871 was coming from the direction of Old John “B” Bar and was knocked by another motorcycle rider, went unconscious and run into a cargo truck loaded with

cement which also compelled the Truck driver to swerve her and cross the road concrete divider, yet the deceased was found under the axle of the Flat cargo Truck, with registration No. AS 1416-13

Madam Alice popular called Yaa was later confirmed dead at the Wa Municipal Hospital.

Family members around couldn’t control their tears at the forecourt of the Out Patients Department Unit.Meanwhile the Motor Traffic and Transport Division of the Ghana Police Service in Wa is conducting an investigation into the matter.

Source: Jinsung Rashid

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