Alhaji Hudu Mogtari

The Race is getting hotter as over 1,000 delegates have voted so far in the Wa Central Constituency, Some Aspirants were interviewed including Alhaji Hudu Mogtari, for CEO of the Food and Drugs Authority.

Incumbent Member of Parliament was also interviewed by Upper West Media Team on 13th of May 2023 at Wa Technical Institute.

According to Alhaji Hudu Mogtari,

“…it’s going well, you can sense Victory when it’s coming, I feel the excitement in people, beaming with the smiles, it means they are ready to give me the mandate, so far there has not been any hitches, I think it’s fantastic,this is the third time I am coming and I believe we will go through and deliver on the Promise we have made to the people of Wa Central..”

Dr. Rashid Hassan Pelpuo

Dr. Rashid Hassan Pelpuo also came afterwards and was interviewed by The Press, in the Interview he granted, Dr. Pelpuo indicated that it’s a new and unique day for him and the results shall speak for him.

“..It’s a unique day for me, it’s a day the will give us the one who will hold up the banner of the NDC in 2024 and I feel so excited today especially with the kind reception I received from my people, it’s all over that I’m generally accepted and we are simply going to wait for the results, my confidence tells me that the game is over and we are just waiting for the results.”

About 1,800 Delegates shall be Voting In Wa Central Constituency including Former Government Appointees.

Voting will end at 5pm for Counting to begin at All Centers.

Alhaji Hudu Mogtari Is contesting for the Third Time in the Race, first in 2003, Second in 2007 and now in 2023, Dr. Pelpuo has also been Member of Parliament Since 2004, he took over from the Late M.A Seidu.


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