A Young Man was Arrested in Kambali

A young man within the Ages of 18-25 has been arrested by police Officers close to Maxixco Gardens in Kambali for Snatching a Phone belonging to a Strumpet, a Sex Trader at Maxixco Gardens in Kambali.

The incident Occurred around 8pm, 1st of March 2023 when the victim was making a call, the Suspect who was sitting with friends took leave of them and said he was going to attend to Nature’s Call, His Friends later saw him being chased by some group of people for stealing.

He was apprehended by some youth of the area and handed over to some police officers on Duty at Kambali/Mangu Junction.

He was Sent to the Wa Police Station on in a Bajaj Tricycle with Registration Number 21-7248 – UW.

Meanwhile Earlier that Day, another Suspect was arrested and beaten mercilessly by irate youth close to Moro Spot in Kpaguri for Stealing A Sheep.

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Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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