Raphius Amigos

An Award Winning Artiste from the Upper West Region has expressed dismay with the rate at which some Presenters of some notable media houses tried dragging him in the mud during his active days as a musician in the Region.

Speaking to DJ Busy of Sungmaale FM on Sunday 27th August 2023, Raphius Recalled a point in his career where some Presenters spoke I’ll of his works, he continued that some presenters went to the extend of recruiting their colleagues to work against him in order to bring him down.

“..there was a time a presenter spoke I’ll about me and tried all he could to bring me down, some said I don’t respect and all that, what’s their contribution to the industry, your colleagues are taking BBC Komla Dumor Awards yet you are still locked up here expecting me to Perform wonders, if it was easy you would have gone beyond where you are today as a presenter..”

Raphius Amigos is currently in United Arab Emirates living his dream and investing in his music Career.

Source: upperwestmedia.net

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